strong viking calendar

Strong Viking Calendar 2022 final

After two years of canceled events, the Vikings are back. And not only virtual or with the Strong Viking app. The Strong Viking Calendar for 2022 is complete and it is packed with Mud, Water, and Brother editions all over Europe.

Strong Viking Calendar

This is the current program for Strong Viking for 2022. Updates and extra events are always possible and we will update all. Read everything about Strong Viking on our special Strong Viking page.

Complete 2022 schedule

strong viking calendar
strong viking calendar

About Strong Viking

Strong Viking’s mission is to make you physically and mentally stronger, to push your personal limits and challenge your boundaries!

Strong Viking Obstacle Run is based on the history of the Vikings. Participate in multiple Strong Viking events will help you to earn your Strong Viking medals of honor! Here’s how it works.Strong Viking presents in 2020: Medals for LIFE! A brand new concept of the famous Strong Viking medals/openers. The past years, you received a medal after completing multiple Strong Viking events in one calendar year. Therefore, after every event you received a special Strong Viking Torque (bracelet). When you completed a series of events, you would hand over your Torques as a proof that you conquered multiple events in that year. Starting in 2020, you will start earning Medals for LIFE, with a counter that will continuously count your runs (not only in that year).The counting of the events will be a digital system that will replace the Strong Viking torques/bracelets! Brace yourself, the unveiling of the new system including the visuals of the first medals will be soon…

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