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Czech Republic


Jul 10 - 11 2021


All Day

Gladatior Race Harrachov

Gladiator Race is a great way to spend a weekend. Especially when it’s dry and cold outside. You smell nature (and it smells like laundry, you will never get that smell of mud again, better than some fabric softener). You will taste the springs from the waters of the beautiful cities of our country. Although your halves will freeze, it’s better than nothing, and in the summer months it’s a refreshing change to bathe in clothes. If you want to measure the strength of your relationship and find out if your partner really loves you, take him with you! Only under the other wire is it a real intimate thing you have never experienced before. And if something hurts on your body, go to a gladiator race. Everything will hurt after him and you will definitely forget about your previous pain. That you don’t run and you don’t have the strength? That’s just an excuse. You still won’t have breath to run and you usually go down the hill down the hill. 

So if you’re thinking about a wellness weekend or a gladiator, I think it’s a clear choice! 
#brutalniprincesses recommend 100% Gladiator Race

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