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Sep 11 - 12 2021


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XLETIX Challenge Norddeutschland 2021

The XLETIX Challenge is the extreme obstacle course that a team has to master. You will overcome boundaries – mentally and physically. An XLETIX Challenge is about mastering a demanding running route with a team that is peppered with obstacles. In this obstacle course, strength, endurance, courage, willpower and, above all, team spirit count. The motto of the XLETIX Challenge is “One Team, One Goal!” Because many of the obstacles are built in such a way that they can only be overcome as a team. We provide free training plans to prepare for obstacle courses and give tips on training motivation.

The XLETIX Challenge not only stands for X-treme obstacles, but also for X-treme locations. Whether dense pine forests, imposing peaks, a huge quarry, the finest sandy beach, vineyards, quarry ponds or simply endless mud – every location is unique!

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