ocr world cup finals

OCR World Cup finals in Sweden

We got a “save the date” from Fiso for the 4th till the 6th of August 2023. Their OCR World cup Finals will take place then. Let us explain a bit more because now we have OCR Series, OCR World Series, OCR Series World Finals and OCR World Cup Finals. Don’t get confused.

OCR World Series

The OCR World Series is not the OCR Series by Strong Viking, it’s a new concept by FISO. The Strong Viking OCR Series has a final, the OCR Series World Final. The FISO OCR World Series also have a final, the OCR World Cup Finals.

OCR World Series events are being delivered in collaboration with the national federation members of World Obstacle in over 100 countries and all sport continents, including Africa, the AmericasAsiaEurope and Oceania.

The foundation of the OCR World Series is each country’s OCR National Series, OCR National Championships or other approved OCR Competition, where athletes compete for the opportunity to qualify and race at OCR World Cup events around the world.

The OCR World Cup is a series of premier races selected to represent the best events on each continent and subcontinent. The World Cup Series culminates in the World Cup Finals each year. Champions are crowned at each World Cup event, for the overall World Cup Series and at the World Cup Finals.


OCR World Cup Finals

And here we are. The date and organizing event for the OCR World Cup Finals is announced. They are talking about a 400 meter sprint and a standard distance. Maybe more finals will follow. They will release more information soon. For now, this is all we know;

  • Date: 4/5/6 august 2023
  • Distances: 400 meter sprint and standard course
  • Organizing event: Tors Trophy. This events in on the same location on the same date.
  • Location: Krusgårdsparken, about 100 km outside of Stockholm.
ocr world series

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