ocrwc 2024 in costa rica

OCRWC 2024 in Costa Rica?

We just learned about the location for the FISO OCRWC 2023, but already we think we might know the location of the next one. Is the OCRWC 2024 in Costa Rica? And why do we think it will be.

OCRWC 2024 in Costa Rica

We recently listened to the Obstacle Racing Media Podcast with Matt B. David. In this episode he has Ian Adamsom as a guest. The president of FISO World OCR.

In the beginning of the interview (around 17 minutes in) Matt asked who bid for the OCRWC;

Costa Rica. We actually pulled it from Costa Rica. They had bid and we did due diligence and realized that they needed some more experience, new information and support to be capable of hosting world champs.

Ian Adamson

At the end of the interview they come back to the World Championships.

We like four years lead time…….. We are hoping for Costa Rica 24, since we delayed them a year.

Ian Adamson

So there you have it. Our guess for the location of the OCRWC 2024. A true world championship should travel the world, and not be in the same country or continent most of the time. Sorry Adventurey, we love your events, but it’s again in the United States. We are excited about the first on in Belgium and can’t wait to be there.

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