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The Final Rat Race Dirty Weekend

One of the biggest OCR festival weekends of the years will have their final edition next year. Rat Race Dirty Weekend will come to an end after years of hosting the events in the English Burghley House. With over 200 obstacles on their 32 kilometer course, this race is one you should have done once. It’s not just a race, but a full weekend of music, friends and mud. The 2020 and 2021 edition got cancelled and 2022 will be the final edition, as we can read in the statement below. So grab you calendar and go to the 7th of May 2022!

Statement Rat Race Dirty Weekend

You can, and should, read the full statement over here.

So the last ever Dirty Weekend will take place on the 7th May 2022. You may well be wondering why we have decided that this will be the final year. Well, Covid has certainly played a part here and it has absolutely accelerated our decision-making in this respect. As a company, we have not done our day job since March 2020 and we must take the hard decisions to ensure that a strong company of 17 years standing remains strong throughout this scrum. It is an inescapable fact that it just costs a hell of a lot of £ to put on Dirty Weekend and it really does not yield Rat Race much in commercial return. There are some that may not believe that – but it’s a behemoth of an undertaking. The sum we spend on the food to feed our crew on site for 6 weeks alone will dwarf some events’ entire production budget. In the Covid era, such considerations are brought into stark relief and our ability to make decisions and take decisive actions has brought us through this period to a position of relative strength and choices, in an environment where many other companies in our sector have sadly fallen by the wayside. But it’s not all about Covid and associated economics. continue reading

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